Case #8: OLPC Rwanda
By Oriane Boutinard Rouelle

Since 2000, big push to introduce computers into schools and integrate ICT into the education curriculum through a range of initiatives. In particular, the focus has been on building teachers’ capacity “on how to exploit the available technology for teaching and learning, through involving teachers in the design, development and evaluation of learning scenarios”.

Non-compulsory pre-primary or nursery schools: form 3 to 6 years → Not state-financed, hence only accessed by a small nb of children whose parents can afford to pay.
Primary school: from 7 to 12 age → Fee + compulsory: enrolment rate of 95%

By 2020, Rwanda should become a middle income country and the government identified ICTs as the key tool in transforming the economy (as testified by a number of policy documents starting with Vision 2020, aiming at creating ‘a prosperous knowledge-based economy’ based on information and communication technologies).

The issues, however, are:
- the low rate of adoption and integration of science and technology
- the shortage of technically qualified professionals at all levels

To fix this, the education sector has been identified as a key player in “developing and training the required human resources”.
→ 2001-2005: National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) to promote ICT
→ 2006-2010: second NICI plan
→ Expected 2011-2015: third NICI plan and 2016-2020: fourth NICI plan

In 2009, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) elaborated an ICT in Education policy, which mission is to create ‘a shared understanding for integrating ICT at all educational institutions, at all levels, to support the development of better teaching and learning to equip students with the 21st century skills’.

One laptop Per Child (OLPC): launched in October 2008, OLPC has supplied over 5000 laptops to primary schools in 3 districts, aiming at equipping every child at primary school level with a laptop in the future so as to make them computer literate.

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