Case #8: Gyan Vani and DD-Gyan Darshan in India
By Reynir Winnan

In an effort to work with the individualistic approach, several projects have been launched with the intent of providing each student with opportunities to experience a wide range of learning styles.

Because of the wider reach of radio and television, several projects have been launched to use these mediums for educational programming. Gyan Vani is an educational FM radio channel that offers programs designed by various groups including government ministries, outside organizations, and open universities.[1] Their method is to educate listeners on local issues, and the impacts involved. DD-Gyan Darshan is a television channel serving a similar purpose. It has channels dedicated to educating kids at all levels, along with youths seeking career opportunities.

The majority of the problems associated with wide variation are still problems with these methods. The programs are not uniform, and there is no concrete way of determining the effectiveness of the educational channels.

[1] Survey of ICTs for Education in India and South Asia, Country Studies. Published by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. 2009

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